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July ’16 Month

This is a July only month challenge.

1-7-16: Canada Day-Read a book by a Canadian Author

The Color of Heaven by Julianne MacLean

4-7-16: US Independence Day- Read a book set in the USA

Pigskin Rapture: Four Days in the Life of Texas Football by Mac Engel

14-7-16: Bastille Day- Read a book with the colors Red,White, and Blue

30-7-16: International Friendship Day- Read a book with a great friendship

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

July Gemstone Ruby- Read a book with Ruby in the title.

Ruby by Juliet James



Lover of books and movies. Goodreads reviewer. Animal lover. I write my honest opinion on here. I don't lie about my look on a book. I'm not mean and tearing a book or the author down. I'm completely honest.

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