Mega-Movie Challenge June 1-30

This is another Challenge that I have done off of on one of the groups I am in. This was made to help me with my progress and If you ever want to do the challenge you can. With the rules, I will list the actual challenge rules and then a few rules of my own.

Level One: Covers: Item listed must be on cover.

Level Two: Genre/Category: Books must fit genre/category listed.

Level Three: Description: Books must fit description listed.


  1. Books must be read in the month of June
  2. Books must be 100 pages to count
  3. No graphic novels or books of poetry
  4. Books can only be used for one description and one level.

My Rules:

  1. No rereads can count.
  2. DNF books do not count.


  1. 1 point for every category you complete (a category can only complete once unless all categories are complete and start over.
  2. 5 points for completing level one
  3. 10 points for completing level two
  4. 15 points for completing level three
  5. 20 points for completing all levels.

The movies:


  1. A ship or a boat {Great Expections by Charles Dickens}
  2. Romance {Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea}
  3. A book about the Titanic


  1. Game board/game pieces
  2. Dystopia involving a game
  3. Book set in the jungle

A Beautiful Mind:

  1. Math Symbols/ numbers {The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram}
  2. Non-fiction
  3. Deals with mental disorder

Groundhog Day:

  1. Clock- {Fateful by Cheri Schmidt
  2. Involves TV/news show
  3. Repeated day story

Finding Nemo:

  1. Orange and white
  2. Mystery novel
  3. Missing person story

Spirited Away:

  1. Fantasy element/object/creature
  2. Fantasy novel {Unchanged by Heather Crews}
  3. A book with dragons


  1. Frightening/ unnerving {The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias.}
  2. Horror novel
  3. Mystery/horror/crime book set in New England

West side Story:

  1. Cityscape
  2. Modern interpretation of a classic
  3. Modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

Back to the Future:

  1. Car
  2. Time Travel
  3. Book published in the ’80’s

That Thing you do:

  1. Band/music instrument
  2. Related to music
  3. About a musician or band

The numbers under each movie is the number to the level that these are to be in. Have a good Challenge.

Final score tally:

Level One: 2/10

Level Two: 2/10

Level Three: /10

Over all points: 4/60

I didn’t get much time to read for this in June. I was also in a huge book slump.


Monthly Recap

Monthly Best Read: June 2016

It’s that time again. I haven’t read much in the month of June. I think this sort of helped with me having to choose which is the best read of June.

The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

Why I picked this book? I was blown away by it. I am still going over everything I read and that ending. I didn’t talk much about the ending in my review but man was it a cliff hanger. I wonder if there is going to be another book.

I recommend this for everyone and anyone. It will have you guessing. Once you think you have everything figured out it does a 180 on you. This is all in the journey of Denise making a pact with the devil and the aftermath of what happened. It is all in a journal that was left behind for her eldest daughter Siobhan.

Even after I finished this I had a dream about it because I couldn’t get it off my mind. I read this after Game of Thrones which was an amazing read itself. That is why this is my number one pick and monthly best read of June.

Runner Ups

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram