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Blood Tree: Part One by Scarlett Dawn

My edition: Kindle

Series: Blood Tree #1.

Rating: 3

Review: ***All individual installments have been put together in one book called Blood Tree Silver Edition. It is on Kindle Unlimited.***

The first installment follows Kenna Julius.  Kenna learns that she is an elf but what her mother hid her from the elven world till she knew if Kenna is a dark elf or a light elf. Kenna has to wait till her twentieth birthday when her blood tree shows if she is  dark or light.

This was alright. I wasn’t fully impressed by the story. Maybe if it was longer and a few details were tied up I would have liked this much better. The story seemed to fast past for me. Like it was rushed. Now I will read the other three installments due to the fact the edition I have  has both books in it.




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