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The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 296

Series: The Unearthly #1

Rating: 4

Review: Forgive me but I’m writing this review a week after I read the book. I was busy when I went to Colorado and back. I am finally able to sit down and write this review.

Gabrielle is off to the British Isles to finish off her high school career. Little does she knows that it is a school for supernaturals. She soon learns she is a supernatural too. She has caught the attention of Andre when the elixir that is suppose to awaken her supernatural abilities turns around and kills her. She comes back alive. Andre is interested in Gabrielle but he isn’t the only one. The devil has marked her and he wants her bad.

I was actually captivated by this story. It was well done. It was quirky. It had funny moments. I wouldn’t say I totally love this but I will be reading the next book.




Lover of books and movies. Goodreads reviewer. Animal lover. I write my honest opinion on here. I don't lie about my look on a book. I'm not mean and tearing a book or the author down. I'm completely honest.

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