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MIA for a little while!!!

Hey y’all

I hope you guys are having a great week and a good weekend. I am announcing that I will be MIA for a little bit. This upcoming week I will be in Colorado and on vacation for my birthday. I will be reading mostly so I will be bringing back a bunch of reviews!!

I will most likely have Game of Thrones, ‘Salem’s Lot, and The Sanctuary done. Hopefully. I probably have a few others as well but mostly those three.

I hope every another great week and see yall on the 20th.


Book Reviews

Unchanged by Heather Crews

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 158

Series: Stand alone

Rating: 3

Review: So while I was reading this I kept thinking why does the author’s name sound familiar? Well it took about a day for me to figure out why. I went on Goodreads to see the author’s bio and saw the picture. Now I know why the name looked so familiar. I follow the author on Goodreads. I felt a little stupid.

Any who on to the review.

At first this was a little slow for me, but when our heroine, Lilly, goes to the winter dance (I forgot if it had a name) it starts to get more interesting. Earlier Lilly skipped school to go draw in the woods. While she was there she met a man named Ahaziel. She feels strange around him. Like she has seen him before. Lilly has a connection with Ahaziel. But Ahaziel is not what he seems.

The story was good. It was a little different then what I have been reading lately which is good. I do like change every now and then. (Only in my books though) I liked it. Again it was different.

I really do have much more to say about this book but I would be spoiling the whole book and I really don’t feel like being nice/cruel. Why I say that, well nice because you get answers, cruel because after reading the answers the book is there for ruined.