Book Reviews

Blackbird by Abigail Graham

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 375

Series: A Stepbrother Romance #1 (stand-alone)

Rating: 2.5 stars (For the beginning)

Review: I’ve been in the urge to read a taboo relationship novel. I don’t remember putting this on my TBR list but I guess I did. I reread the blurb and it sounded great. Come to my disappointment this novel was completely predictable. It started out great then when we got the back drop of what had happened, I got bored. Fast. I skimmed mostly through the past history. I was finding myself not really caring.

Right now I’m in the mood for a haters to lovers deal. I was expecting more of a fight from what the blurb said. I wanted the strong cocky alpha male that the blurb talked about. I was hoping for that fight and that it would get better. Sadly, no. In the beginning we got that then after his first chapter he went down hill. He just didn’t fully meet my criteria. The whole past being retold was fine but I just got bored with it. I pretty much guessed what had happened.



Also when I was going for taboo it didn’t end up that way. These two were together as adults. Their parents marry soon but both are out of the family house and are in college. I am going to say this again the beginning is good. After that it falls down hill. Very, very boring. The plot looks up for a bit then falls back down. I don’t like this book. But I don’t hate it either.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading this but just know that the plot is barely there to catch the eye and there really isn’t a hate to love relationship.

I read the blurb for the second book and I think I will stop this series right here.