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Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 201

Series: Timeless Fairy Tales #1

Rating 4 stars

Review: This is a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast retold. Obviously I know. I love Beauty an the Beast. It is my favorite all time fairy tale.

This one was a bit different. Elle (Beauty) falls through a glass skylight of Prince Severin’s (Beast) castle. Elle survives the fall but with a broken leg and many cuts to her arms. The servants who are not furniture but are cursed to wear masks and have no voice plead with Severin to let her stay and heal up. Elle is then taken care of by Emele who was a lady in waiting. Emele begs Elle to give Prince Severin a chance. Elle agrees only because she will do it for Emele.

I liked this. It wasn’t a bad retelling. I liked how the servants part of the curse. They all talked through hand gestures and slates. The beast was a mixture between cat and dog but mostly cat. I wish there was a little more telling of why the Prince was cursed.

The banter between Elle and Prince Severin was comical. The falling in love was cute. Emele was a drama queen but the funny kind. The kind that over exaggerates not the kind that makes drama. I loved the characters. It was a light read. I will continue on with the series and see how well the other fairy tales are told.