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Innocent Getaway by Alexa Riley

My Edition: Kindle

Series: Innocence

Rating: 0.5 DNF Stopped after second chapter.

Review: I tried you guys. I promise I did. This one was more childish than the first one. The girl, Haley acted more like a 9 or ten year old stuck in an 18 year old body. Let me point out there is a difference in being innocent and being immature. This book shows that difference in the first chapter alone.

Haley acted like a total brat because William was with a business partner (who happens to also be in a DD/lg relationship) and what does William do? He lead her over where the guy couldn’t see her ass and spanked her in front of the guy. Then he ate her out and had her lay on his sofa that he had in his office and made her go to sleep. But first he wiped out his dick so she could suck on it while going to sleep.

I don’t know about you but for me that wasn’t hot. Then when I read William’s P.O.V. he walked into their bedroom where she was asleep with a stuffed unicorn that he won her and it was called stuffy. Just the way William described her sleeping with stuffy sounded like he was watching his daughter not his girlfriend.

Total eck factor here. I used this gif in the review for the first book but feel it is much needed here.




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