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Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley

My edition: Kindle

Series: Innocence

Rating: 1 star

Review: ***I have another review of this on Goodreads that’s a little bit different. This one will contain spoilers.***

I know. I know. A one star on an Alexa Riley??? Shame on me.


This is my second low rating on an Alexa Riley  book this week. I tried my first DD/lg book and with Alexa I thought that it would be a good first try. I found out that I am not a fan. I normally love the sweet innocent women Alexa normally writes about but this one was to the point of stupid. Like beyond stupid.

William is Roger’s best friend. He has helped him out when raising Haley since her mother pasted away. When Haley turned sixteen William started looking at her differently. Haley has always had a crush on William. When chance comes up at Haley’s graduation party William takes Haley home and tells her his intentions.

I love an older guy/younger girl that is not the problem with this. It was the creepy eck factor of her calling him Daddy or Daddy William and him treating her like a child almost. I say almost because of the sexual base going on. When he talks dirty to her, he calls her vagina a kitty all the time. I don’t mean the word pussy I do mean kitty. He won’t let her cuss. Even in the middle of sex he won’t or he “punishes” her by spanking or slapping on the thigh. He even shaves her down there.


The whole thing just wasn’t for me. I felt very creeped out by it actual. Like I said I love an older man/younger woman but the whole DD/lg isn’t for me.

Now I did get this as a set of the three books so I will finish it as fast and quickly as I can. I just hope I don’t DNF. That would be a big shame. (See gif above)




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