Book Reviews

Cold Night, Warm Stranger by Jill Gregory

My edition: Library book ISBN: 9780440224402

Pages: 400

Series: Stand-Alone

Rating:3.5-4 stars

Review: Well how do I put this? It is the typical Western Romance with a gunslinger. Maura just wants to get away from her horrible adoptive brothers and away from the Duncan Hotel. One night during a blizzard, Maura was alone while her brothers were in Hatchett gambling, when Quinn Lassiter comes in. Yeah the Quinn Lassiter, the famous gunslinger. Maura is swept away by him. In one night Maura says good by virginity and hello to gunslinger’s most precious “gun”. One night of a lot of passion, Maura wakes up to Quinn gone. Maura ends up pregnant and she knows then she has to leave and get away from her brothers.

I kind of like my typical historical romances, especially westerns. It’s a good break when reading serious books like Salem’s lot and A Game of Thrones. Yeah it was predictable but hell it was still good. It was also a pretty easy read. I wouldn’t mind Quinn Lassiter to come home to me.


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