Me being me!

Top 5 Couples That Didn’t Have HEA

This is my other list!!! The couples that I was so happy they got together but didn’t have a happy ending. (Will be making a third list to this and that will be couples that are together and still going strong in their series.) Warning there is spoilers!

1. Chasing Nikki

Chase and Nikki were just OMG too adorable in their realistic teenage love, but that all comes crashing down when Nikki is in a car accident. She later dies in the hospital.

2. Paper Princess

As of right now Ella and Reed don’t have a happy ending. They might further down the road but right now they don’t.

3. Burned

Pattyn and Ethan. Pattyn comes from a horrible home with an abusive father. She is sent to her aunt and she meets Ethan. They have a romance but another book with a car accident and Ethan is killed along with Pattyn having a miscarriage and her going back home to her abusive father.

4. Othello

Othello and Desdemona. Well it is a Shakespeare tragedy. Enough said

5. Daenerys and Khal Drogo

This was such a sad ending for me. I had a thing for Drogo. He was Hot!!



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