Book Reviews

First Days by C.L. Stone

My Edition: Kindle (hopefully an actual book someday.)

Pages: 280

Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #2

Rating: 5 Cute boys stars

Review: School has started. Sang has her schedule and which classes the boys will be in with her.

  • Homeroom (North, Luke)
  • AP English (Kota, Luke, Gabriel)
  • AP Geometry (Nathan, North)
  • Violin (Mr. Blackbourne)
  • AP World History (Victor, North)
  • Lunch (All except for Blackbourne,Green)
  • AP Biology (Silas)
  • Japanese (Green, Victor)
  • Gym (Gabriel, Nathan)

Sang and the guys are just trying to settle into the school. The problem is the Friday Fall. It is a messed up tradition on the first Friday of the school year a bunch of students throw a kid off the second floor. Only this year they are targeting one of the Academy boys. Who is going over??

We are starting to see more personality from the boys. They are all different yet they seem to fit and work together perfectly. Sang is also trying to hide from her mom that she is hanging out with the guys while protecting the guys from her mom. All we know at this point is that Sang’s mom is abusive and she is also very sick. She takes a lot of medication. Marie (Sang’s older sister) is starting to sneak out too. She goes to see a girl named Danielle which the boys don’t like.

Danielle is just really a mean girl and Marie just wants to fit in with her. Now I don’t like Marie. She is just to self centered for me to like. Her and Danielle are like that and I don’t like them.

At this time I am leaning more for Silas as my favorite. It is hard to choose which one is my favorite. It changes with books but my top are normal Silas, North, and Mr. Blackbourne. Now on my book boyfriends list they all share a line together. Because like I said they are hard to choose from and I don’t really have a favorite.


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