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Top 5 Couples In Books That Made Me Happy To See Together

These are the couples in books that made me happy that they got together and had a happy ever after. These are in a series that has ended or is still going but the characters were written off or had a stand alone. (I will make a list for those who didn’t have a great ending but no matter what it was awesome that they got together or their story is still going). Now fair warning these will contain spoilers. I don’t want to be blamed if you read this and there was a spoiler. I have warned you. Also these are from books that I listed on my Goodreads shelf Favorites.

1. Molly Shakespeare and Romeo Prince

I loved their ending in Sweet Rome. In Sweet Home they have a happy ending but in Sweet Rome we get more of what happens in that happy ending. It was so good I cried a little.

2. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Even though I am happy Harry and Ginny got a happy ending, it was Ron and Hermione that made me the happiest. Throughout the series Ron and Hermione bicker like an old married couple. Then we start to see that they like each other. It wasn’t until the last book they get their kiss. This was one of those tells that the wait was worth it.


3. Rylan Daniels and Jen Bailey

These two had a rough start but the ending was marvelous. Their story: Loving Her by C.M. Hutton.

4. Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham

Enough said.

5. Isabelle and Axel

Their story was so heartbreaking at the beginning but this is a story of second chances. Glad it went well. Their story: Axel


If there is any couple that made you happy feel free to add them. Hope you enjoyed my list.