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A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 305

Series: A Shade of Vampire #5

Rating:3 stars because of the ending.

Review: ***WARNING: Spoilers if not read previous books!***

To some people there was a major plot twist but to me this was just confirming my suspicion on who Emilia was and why she had so much power over Derek. To say she was a crazy bitch is to be about right. I just thought yeah that’s what’s happening and about 50% in, my suspicion was confirmed and I figured out how the rest of the plot with Emilia. Emilia though just couldn’t understand that an attraction isn’t love. She could do everything she could but that won’t make Derek love her.


Man I just want to spoil the ending with this book so I can talk about it. But alas I’m not that nice/cruel. (Depends on how you see it.)

Again this one had a bunch of different P.O.V.s. I don’t know if I’m starting to hate it or if I’m starting to dislike it. I get jumbled when it switches like it does but thankfully it is different chapters and not every other paragraph. But I don’t like having to read the title of the chapter to know whose P.O.V. it is. Like I said in my last review I wish it would just stay as Derek and Sofia’s P.O.V.s

One good thing about this book was that we got some backgrounds on a couple characters. Ian and Kyle are two  examples. Forrest tells why Ian isn’t a big vampire fan and why he wanted to rebel the culling. Kyle’s background makes me a little sad. She even put in the background with Ingrid/Camilla’s past.

Derek and Sofia’s love is tested. (Yeah I know, what else is new.) With Emilia wanting Derek for her own and with Derek fighting the attraction he has for Emilia, this book wasn’t my total favorite of the series. It was a bit to much of Vampire Diaries Elena and Katherine debacle meets NA for me.

The book starts off where we left off. Only it has to start with the P.O.V. from Emilia. Blah. She is just as bad as having to read Ingrid if not worse. Derek and Sofia are still trying to save the Shade. Again what else is new? We did get Vivianne’s P.O.V.

I know every relationship goes through something that tests the love. This though seems that Derek and Sofia are always having to prove their love for one and another not just to everyone else but also to each other. I am wondering when it will be enough for these two to realize that they do love each other and they know that and that is all that matters. The relationship also seemed a little forced at times with Derek fighting his attraction. In every book though it seems they have to prove their love and their love is tested. Can we just have them being badass and killing their enemy? Too much to ask for?

Now the original, all I can think of him is an old creepy guy with a bunch of beautiful vampire “children”.


Plus the whole he can be wind and hurt people without becoming a corporeal form. Creepy. So if there are more immune out there why does everyone want Sofia? What is it about her make people and vampires want her?

The ending was a cliffhanger (but again for the third time what else is new). This one though actually has me excited for the next book. Kiev I think I might like you. (Sorry I’m one to most likely root for the bad guy in these type of books.)

The cover did not help me with getting this Derek/Edward out of my head. Just throwing that out there.



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