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A Shadow of Light by Bella Forrest

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 301

Series: A Shade of Vampire #4

Rating: 3.5

Review: ***Warning:Spoiler if you have not read the third book and maybe a little from this book.***

Even though Ben and Lucas, who were the reasons I continued to read this series, are dead I decided that I got the other books on my kindle now. It would be dumb to return them all at once after I only read one book. I am continuing the series. Lord help me…

So we get more into the mind of Aiden and Ingrid. Aiden is a fool and Ingrid is a bitch. Nothing has changed my prospective of them from the last book. Ingrid hates her own daughter that she will do anything to destroy her and give her back over to Borys. Why can’t we ever have just loving mothers like Molly Weasley in books? Ingrid in her head was in compitetion with Sofia for Aiden’s love. She felt like Sofia won.

Derek once again reminds me of Edward Cullen. In this one he leaves Sofia because he thinks it will be better for them. During his P.O.V. chapters I wanted to skim. Until we got to the point of the riot and the siege on the port. Sofia at least is getting some back bone but she’s at the end of her teenage years and still sounds like she is sixteen.

With Lucas and Ben gone and Claudia finally confessing her love for Yuri, none of the what I call good assholes are left. Seriously can’t Claudia go back to being some what of a bitch than this love sick puppy she is in this book. Claudia went from a strong yet psycho woman to silly teenager. It sucks!! Granted I’m happy she is for Derek and Sofia and she finally confessed her love for Yuri but still. I want to see her fight a little harder to get back to Yuri.

Zinnia was a eh character before, now she is like a gnat that you can’t get rid of. Every time she is around Sofia, she has to throw Ben back into Sofia’s face or say how she can’t do this at hunters’ headquarters, how she doesn’t belong there, and how her love for Derek is just wrong. Woman we get it. You hate vampires but damn that doesn’t mean everyone should have your opinion. Thankfully Ben didn’t have it. Zinnia is a little to happy when she kills a vampire and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Gregor and Borys really surprised me on this one. I shouldn’t have found it surprising but I did. Felix is so far up Gregor’s ass he doesn’t know it. Gregor could be telling a web of lies but since it came from the almighty Gregor himself, Felix will believe it. Their fate is still shocking.

As much as I like the whole knowing what’s going on between the characters, the amount of different P.O.V.s in this were becoming a bit ridiculous.  Out of all we get a POV from Camilla at the beginning then after chapter one she is referenced as Ingrid in other P.O.Vs. We of course get Derek and Sofia’s, also we get Aiden ,Gregor, and Claudia. I wish there was just only Derek’s and Sofia’s P.O.Vs because there would be bigger shock twists that would at least keep me more interested.

Now there is a new vampire in the mix towards the end. A woman who Derek is instantly attracted too. She tells him that they are meant for each other not Derek and Sofia. So I am once again intrigued by what is going to happen.


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