Me being me!

Best Read this month- April



How is everyone?? Hope you had a great mother’s day. I am starting something new. At the end of every month I will post my Best/Favorite read of the month. Since I’m a little behind schedule I will just do April’s.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

What is it about:

A woman named Vanessa works for a professional football player Aiden Graves. She is finally going to quit and work on her company. Aiden shows up out of the blue and asks her to come back to being his assistant. She refuses but Aiden isn’t giving up that easily.

Why I chose it:

The writing and the pace of the story just had me breathless. I know that this was the last read in April but I don’t doubt for a second that this book would have popped out in my mind no matter what time I read it in April.

Who would I recommend it to:

Anyone who loves the slow build of romance.

If you get a chance to read it I highly encourage you. It’s a nice change from the insta-love that I have been reading so much lately.

Have a great week!



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