Me being me!

Top 5 books I found Overrated.

Hey ya’ll I was thinking last night that I have read a few books that were completely overrated. I’ve seen them on Goodreads or on facebook or some where else that people got extremely excited for. Of course me being me, I decided to see what the hype is about. These are the books I just don’t get or thought that people made it seem to over the top or there are a ton of 5 star ratings.

  1. The Twilight Series.

    Of course I was going to put Twilight. Everyone made a big deal about these books right when the movie came out. For me when I read it I kept saying why am I doing this? Stephenie Meyer wrote about a girl moving in with her dad up in Washington who falls for a vampire. Can I just say the guy is utterly creepy. Plus what guy do you know is 108 years old and is still a virgin. Come on. I understand his time period but even guys during that time found a way to get nookie. Bella seemed dense and Kristin Stewart really didn’t help in the movies either. The writing wasn’t all that amazing. Another reason I probably didn’t like this was because I had just got done reading the final installment of the Harry Potter series for the first time. Yeah after reading that a lot of books looked like shit in my eyes. I even tried rereading this and DNF the reread.


2. Crank

Well I just got done reading this one. I hate to admit this but I was one of the people who hyped this up when I was a teenager. After rereading this as an adult I think that it is way to hyped. The freestyle poetry is crap and the heroine is one of the worst I have read so far. That is saying something. I remember being in high school and reading Ellen Hopkins books and thinking these are so great when really they’re not. I’ve liked one so far and that is Burned but I wasn’t fully into it. Crank follows Kristina/Bree in her downward spiral with drugs. A lot of this could have been avoided if her mother was actually acting as a mother. If you want more of my thoughts on this read my review.


3. Dead Until Dark

Has anyone seen True Blood? Well this is the book that started it all. Dead Until Dark is the first installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have only read this one and I think it is a total disappointment. Now I started watching True Blood around the time the fourth season came out. I soon learned that there were books that the TV series is based off of. My mamma told me I just had to read these books, after she had me watch the show. Well low and behold I like the show. I can’t say the same about this book. The book shows Sookie more shallow and airheaded then what the TV series shows. The writing style wasn’t a favorite and I don’t have any urge to move on to the second book.


4. Domesticated

I can’t really tell you why I picked this book up. I remember it was on my recommendations list and that it had a ton of 5 star ratings. The blurb also sounded pretty nice. So I got it off of Kindle Unlimited and gave it a go. I should have left it on the list. I don’t understand why people gave this book such a high rating. It was mostly about a whiny rich woman who hated her life and thought about sex way to much. Like her every thought was about sex. I have a review on here that tells my true feelings about this book. Sadly I didn’t even get to make it to 50%.


5. Wanderlust

I just recently read this and thought whiskey tango foxtrot. Why? The blurb sounded so good but it turned out to be… I’m still lost for words on it. Saw many of people give this a high rating and all I can think of is Why? The MCs really didn’t have anything going for them. It was basically a rape fantasy. Not really my style and I still haven’t rated it.