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Crank by Ellen Hopkins

My edition: Book ISBN:9781442471818

Pages: 576

Series: Crank #1


Review: Life was good before the monster…After, Life was great, At least for a little while…

I read this in high school, I want to say my sophomore year. At that time I gave this a high rating in my books. A 4 star at least. Well I got it for Christmas last year and decided that I’m going to read it again.

I am giving a fair warning that this will be a rant review.

In high school I thought this was a good book. It showed the dangers of drugs and it was written well. I had like the poetry and I was taken away.

Well now seven years later I’m thinking what the hell was wrong with me. The poetry gave me a flipping headache. I can read most stories with poetry like Bewolf or Canterberry Tales, but this I couldn’t. There were times I had to reread a full page just to wander what the hell is going on. I seriously liked this when I was a teen? Why? Oh dear lord why? This wasn’t a good book. Yeah it showed a girl and a her stupid ass decisions to do drugs (over a guy.)

Now I have dealt with mary jane a couple times when I was in high school. Actually I did my experiments for the name of science around the time I read this, but I never really got the whole smoking pot. It just wasn’t for me. So I don’t know what it is like to be addicted to a drug. The only things I have ever gotten addicted to is Dr. Pepper, Tom Hardy and JJ Watt. I can’t view this from that addictive prospective. I just know that Kristina/Bree is a fucking loser. I mean seriously could we have at least made a better heroine to battle these situations. Everything that happened to her was horrible but I can count for only one thing not being her fault. She was a whiny little brat that I just wanted to punch in the face. Why I liked this in high school, I don’t know.

My main question is why the hell would her mother let her stay with her dad? Seriously if this was my child and he was my ex there is no way in hell he would get time with her. On another note Kristina or aka Bree just jumps straight into drugs over some dude. A guy who she all of the sudden “loves”, does drugs with him and sleeps with him. Oh before she got with this guy she watched him make out and almost go further with another girl. Doesn’t say if that was his girlfriend and doesn’t say if he broke up with her so he could be with Bree. Yeah the guy sounds flipping awesome. Really? You noticed him with someone else yet you still go after him. Stupid!! 

When Kristina/Bree come home she is different. The parents don’t really pay any attention to her or else they would have seen that their daughter who was a good girl, didn’t do anything wrong did a complete 180. How do you not see that as a parent? Serious question. I don’t have kids yet so I can’t take this in from parent’s view.

Kristina/Bree is the main reason I don’t like this book. I just wanted to slam my head against the wall. I have another book by Hopkins but I’m putting it on hold. Can’t take the poetry for much longer.




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