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Wanderlust by Skye Warren

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 232

Series: Stand alone

Rating: No rating. I explain why at the end.

Review: So I am having a very hard time rating this. I keep thinking about what I read and I don’t even know how to review it. I don’t know whether I like this or not. I’m conflicted. So I’m putting the battle between myself on here. One half is Jay the other Nikki. Nikki is just my middle name so no I don’t have a split personality. Even though I talk to myself all the time.Warning: Spoilers

Jay: I don’t know about the writing.

Nikki: Wow that writing was awesome.

Jay: What the hell is the matter with her? Run fight.

Nikki: Do what he says and you’ll be free.

Jay: Are you dumb? Why are you staying with him? Find a way to escape! Ah you did you go girl! Well shit!

Nikki: OMG you just ran into bigger trouble than you were in. Hunter saves you. How thoughtful.

Jay: Oh shut up. That is not thoughtful. Awesome he saved her but from what? The exact same thing he is doing to her.

Nikki: But she is willing. She hasn’t fought him.

Jay: She doesn’t have much of a choice. Be willing to Hunter or just be raped. Either way rape. She didn’t really give much of a fight in the first place.

Nikki: But he treats her so kind.

Jay: Are you a dipshit? No he doesn’t this man should not be romanticized at all. This is sick. Even you have to admit that.

Nikki: I do. I do. This isn’t a love story. No Notebook love here. This is one of those things that people fantasize about. Why? We don’t know why and never will. That is all in their head.  I’m saying that I’m putting myself in their shoes to see how they would see it. Like an open mind.

Jay: Well close the damn mind up. I think this was just nuts!! We have a horrible heroine who doesn’t really fight and she manages to escape a few times but ends up being nearly raped by five different guys. Saved twice. When it was the three guys at the diner it was by Hunter and then the two weirdos at the camp it was Jeremiah. I’m sorry but this story was a little far fetched. She doesn’t even turn him in. Even when he gives her a written confession signed by him and his two friends (let’s not forget got into a fight on whether or not to call the police on Hunter) as witnesses she still doesn’t turn him in. He even takes her all the way to the police station. Still she decides to stay with him.

Nikki: You got a point there.

Jay: I bloody well know I have a point.

Nikki: I’m with you on this. I almost lost it there but I see your point. This is a book that makes absolutely no sense to us. So what are you going to do?

Jay: I don’t know what to rate it. At first I was going to give it 5 stars just for blowing my mind and making me utterly speechless. But a second after that I started to argue and this is how we ended up here. Warren’s writing was good enough for a 3 star but the story is only good enough for a 1 star and the heroine and antihero are good enough for a .5 star. Even the back stories weren’t anything to make me feel for them. There was no connection or build up to either. All we know is that Hunter wanted Evie so he took her. So I am just going to leave this right here. No rating from me for this book.

I’m not going to recommend this to anyone. I’m not discouraging people to not read it either. If you want to read it then read it, that’s your choice but for me though I’m just not going to recommend it.


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