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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

My edition: Kindle


Series: Stand alone

Rating: 4.5 stars

Review: So I found this book on Goodreads and it sounded good. While looking at this I noticed the author’s last name and it sounded really familiar to me. Well then I realized it’s because I have another book on my to-read list that is by the same author. Kulti, which I’ve seen many good reviews on, is another book by the author so I thought “yes I will have to read this.”

Well as I have stated in an earlier post that it is NFL Draft for three days, so I wanted to read a football romance. I am ecstatic that I chose this one. I was on an emotional roller coaster on this one. I sort of fought with myself on what I would do if I was in Vanessa’s shoes. After a couple hours of fighting with myself (which I got weird looks from Y over)  I have come to the conclusion that I would have swallowed my pride like her and said yes. But I also have a thing for big over six foot muscly guys. Example:

I am blown away. The writing was phenomenal. I liked Aiden and Vanessa’s relationship and how it grew to be more. Zapata did an amazing job writing these two. I love how Aiden starts to open up more to Van. He was so adorable. My favorite part would have been Christmas. Really, really wanted to cry a little. A happy cry though. Zapata also hit a topic that are sensitive to some people. Abuse. She writes about family abuse and of significant other abuse. Both are categorized under domestic abuse. I cringed at some parts of the book.

From where Van and Aiden come from it’s nice to see that it didn’t drag them down. They wouldn’t let the past rule over them and take control. Susie was a real surprising character to me. To have so much hate towards someone who didn’t do anything to her just… wow. I felt bad for Van. I really did. She had to put up with so much while growing up. Then her and Aiden together was at first a little boring but the more I read and the more Aiden opened up to Van, I really started to enjoy the book. The teasing Van give Aiden is funny. Aiden then starts to tease back and he’s slightly funnier.

The epilogue was amazing. I was so happy reading it. I definitely like this book and will be giving Kulti a shot for sure.

Now fair warning if you want a fast pace story and the characters are already under the sheets by 50% don’t read this. If you want a slow build romance with a HEA, this is the book for you. Seriously the heated part isn’t until the end. It was perfect. So worth the wait. You won’t be disappointed.