Me being me!

Alrighty then… Let’s bullsh*t.

Hey ya’ll what’s going on? Right now I’m kind of in a book slump and I want to bullshit for a bit.

When I say I want to bullshit, I mean just good ol’ fashion talking. I am going to be utterly random through out the post so fair warned.

Houston Texans

Today I’m extremely cold. Don’t know why but I am. I even have a sweater on and a portable heater on me. Still cold. Other than that my day is going swimmingly. I am a football fan. (I wouldn’t say huge because well I’m not) Today, tomorrow and the day after that is NFL Draft day. I’m super excited to see who the Houston Texans pick. If I remember correctly they will be 22.


I have the whole day recorded and Y is probably shaking his head but hey he gets to see what his team (the Colts) choose. Do you like football? If so what’s your favorite team? Don’t worry if you only like college ball you can say that too. I was born and raised a Nebraska Cornhusker fan and my second team is K-State Wildcats.

While on the subject of football, when a lot of people hear I’m from Colorado they always seem to ask one simply question. How about them Broncos? For your information I don’t like the Broncos. Why you may ask because I don’t like how they are always hyped up to be this great football team. Yes they are pretty good but let’s face it they are kind of sore losers and sore winners. I have tons of friends who are Bronco fans and they really can’t take a lose well. When they win especially against a team I’m rooting for they tend to rub it in.Do I have room to talk smack? Not really but jeez can you guys be a little more humble. I mean you can’t win all the time. Why? Because even the best get taken down from time to time.

Anywho I will write another post later talking about only football. I promise.


As I have mentioned before that I am from Colorado. I don’t live there anymore due to it being to expensive to live there. I do miss it though. It was my home for eighteen years. I still have friends and family there and visit on occasion. Like sometime in June I will be going there for a Rockies game. Yes I love baseball too. I was brought up that way.

Feel free.

Feel free to drop a comment in any of my posts. If you like a book that I have read seriously just start talking about it. I love to talk books. Even if it was a book I didn’t like and you did feel free to say what you feel about it. But in a respectful way.  My reviews are my opinion. It is how I see things. You may not agree with me and that is completely fine because not everyone shares the same views.

Also if you have recommendations with books or movies please let me know. I’m always looking for new stuff to read. I can read just about any genre. I haven’t read all genre so that is why I say just about any genre.


Well as you have read earlier I love football and baseball. I’m starting to watch a little hockey. Not much but a little. I am not a basketball fan. Never could get into the sport. Played it for a little bit when I was younger but other than that basketball is not my forte. Soccer is the same way. Golf bores me both playing and watching unless it is putt putt golf. I can play that just fine.


Now you know a little bit more about me. Again feel free to just talk. Also if there is one thing you get out of this post is that I am random as ever. Hopeful you think I would be a fun person to know. I hope that those who do read my reviews that you like them and consider ever reading the books unless you already have read them.

Have a magical day. For those of you in warm climate, please send warm this way. Just not humidity. I have enough problems with my hair.

Love talking to ya’ll.