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Legend staring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy


What the movie is about: Reggie and Ronnie Kray are twins living in London. They are gangsters taking over London. The story is told by Reggie’s wife Frances. The story follows the twins the day Reggie meets Frances. Ronnie is in a mental institute and is being released.

My opinion: Ronnie is beyond crazy. At first I liked Reggie then towards the end I didn’t like him. I wasn’t much of a fan of Frances. If you are going to watch this be prepared for a gruesome and long story. The movie is a little over two hours. There is a fight scene between Reggie and Ronnie, during the scene you can tell where the stunt double was on Reggie a lot. It was a little irritating but over all it was a good movie. I did like it. Will I watch it ever again? Probably not.

Sorry I have so much to say on this movie but I would spoil the plot twists just by talking about it.




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