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Fallen Fourth Down by Tijan

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 402

Series: Fallen Crest High #4

Rating: 3

Review: Well it’s time once again for a guilty pleasure. I was in need of some stupid dumb drama that made absolutely no sense. Of course I went back to ol’ Fallen Crest High.

Logan and Sam are having to face one big battle this year, no Mason. Logan is without his brother and Sam without her boyfriend. At the end of the third book Tate, Logan’s ex-girlfriend, told Sam that Logan was in love with her. Ever since then Sam let it go to her head and she has sort of avoiding Logan when she can. She doesn’t want Mason to find out because of what Mason has said in the past, no girl will come between him and his brother. Sam doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to lose both Mason and Logan. They are her only family left that she trusts.

Mason wants a quiet year but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen due to Park Sebastian. Park wants Mason to pledge his fraternity but Mason doesn’t want to join the fraternity even though Nate is a part of it. Mason wants to do opposite of his dad and that includes pledging the fraternity. With Nate in the fraternity (For the love of god couldn’t there have been some Greek letters or alpha beta something. Some details would be nice) and Mason just wanting to play football and not be any where near Park, tension runs high. They aren’t close as they use to be.

This one is full of what I like to call filler drama. Filler drama is stupid drama to get through till the next book. Some of it really isn’t important but some of it really is. Such as the build up with Park and Mason is important. The good stuff didn’t happen until 80% or so.

Logan hasn’t had a girlfriend since Tate and almost everyone can see Logan is in love with Sam… almost everyone. Logan also steps up as the brother role for Sam. He gets mad through the book because Sam shuts him out and then a new guy shows up. A guy who Sam has history with. Logan isn’t his funny self through most of the book which makes me sad a little. That is one of the main reasons I love Logan.

Now Marissa and Tate… I cannot stand either of these two. Marissa you can tell has a big one for Mason. She would do anything to get Mason to love her back.

Well now my drama guilty pleasure has been satisfied, I actually can’t wait for the next one. But sadly I have many other books in front of this one.



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