Book Reviews

Taking the Fall by Alexa Riley

My edition: Kindle

Series: Taking the Fall box set Volumes 1-4

Review: Okay it is Alexa Riley time. I need me an aggressive hot OTT alpha male right now and well Alexa you are my go to girl.

Of course with me reviewing a box set there will be slight spoilers.

Volume 1


Rating: 4 stars

I love this. A twist to a normal Alexa book. This one has a plot with it that will extend into more books. Can I say that it is awesome.

Layla is in love with her bodyguard Carter. Carter is in jail for killing a man on a night Layla can’t seem to remember when she is sixteen. Layla goes to see him when she turns twenty. Carter says hurtful things to Layla. Layla leaves the prison with a broken heart and freedom. She is running away from her father and a caged up life.

Four years later Layla has a life she loves and is still in love with Carter but tries not to be. It doesn’t help that Carter turns up out of the blue.

Volume 2


Rating: 4 stars

Carter comes back after three months away from Layla. As he is trying to explain why he left he finds out that Layla is pregnant. That’s when he decides he needs to get Layla to the safe house as soon as possible. With her father still at large Carter doesn’t want to take any chances.

We get a little more detail on what happened that night nine years ago. We also find out that Layla’s father will use a woman against a man to get anything from the man. Carter tells Layla to stay in the safe house and under no circumstances is she to leave. One bad thing though… Layla doesn’t listen and goes to her father to save Carter.

Volume 3

Pages: 88

Rating: 4 stars

Now that Layla’s father has her, he will do anything to play with her mind. He wants her to go against Carter.What’s even worse is that he knows about Layla and Carter’s secret. There is also a big problem. Justin and Layla’s mother.

Well Carter was right about Justin. But who didn’t see that one coming. It was obvious from the first book. But what isn’t obvious is what Justin wants from Layla. That was a plot twist.

Oh the ending for Carter and Layla is so adorable. I’m in love.

Volume 4


Rating: 3 stars

Now we get Saint and Jeanette’s story. I thought that I was going to like their story even more than I would of Carter and Layla’s story but I ended up liking Carter and Layla’s story way more. Saint wasn’t much of an OTT alpha male as Carter. He was a little tame for me. I still liked their story just not as much as I thought I would.

P.S. There is a secret Volume in between Volume 3 and 4. This consists of the letters Carter wrote to Layla while he was in prison but never gave to her until their honeymoon.


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