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Dangerous Intentions by Dori Lavelle

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 210

Series: His Agenda #2

Rating: 5 stars

Review: ***Warning: If you have not read Veiled Obsession, there are spoilers.***

In the first book, Veiled Obsession, Haley meets Jude. Jude offers her protection and safety. They end up falling in love and getting married. Everything is perfect, or so it seems…

Jude ends up being a complete psycho. At first he was a wonderful guy (who to normal people had a bunch of red flags flying) who offered to help a girl in distress then went to controlling asshole douchbaggery, then he graduated to full blown psycho. The kind of psycho you run from and don’t look back. But before you run, plan. Go where he can’t find you. For God’s sake get out of the same state that he is in.

After Jude shows his true colors Haley escapes once but Jude finds her and shows more psycho than before. Haley though finds a second chance to escape and she takes it. (YAY baby! That is a smart girl there. Don’t stay. Run past go and collect your $200 because we got ourselves a smart heroine.) She ends up hiding in a business partner’s of Jude’s car. Well that partner turned out to be her high school sweetheart Dustin. Dustin is here to save the day.

Well… until Haley can get rid of Jude then stand on her own two feet. She is standing by with “I don’t need a man!” (Again thank god for a smart heroine and one who doesn’t need a man to lean on.)

I don’t care how dangerous it gets. I will not let you stand there alone. I’ll die protecting you if I have to. I still love you, Haley. And love will not let me watch you put yourself in the line of fire.

I knew I liked Dustin. He is willing to stand by Haley no matter what. He won’t let her be hurt by anything or anyone. The only problem with this is that Haley is getting flashback to when she first met Jude. No matter how many times Dustin says he’s not Jude, Haley can’t help the feeling. (Can’t blame her) We can all tell Dustin isn’t Jude but you can never be to careful.

I loved the ending. I cheered. I also scared the crap out of Y because he thought I was crazy. I don’t care, that ending was amazeballs. Haley you are my new hero.


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