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Chains of Frost by T.A. Grey

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 322

Series: The Bellum Sisters #1

Rating: 3 stars

Review: I have read another book by this author before. While it was a good book and I didn’t fully like it. It wasn’t a full winner for me and I didn’t read the second book. This is another series by her that I thought it sounded good and I will give it a shot.

Chloe soon finds out through her dad’s will that Tyrian en Kulev the vampire demon killer is to be her protector. Willow, Chloe’s twin sister will have the Alpha Lyonis Keelan as her protector. Their little sister by a year Lily will have the demon Telal Demuzi be her protector.

I really don’t like Chloe. She just got on my nerves. She was way to whiny when Tyrian didn’t want to have sex with her. Now I did like Willow. No matter how many times the Alpha caught her she found her escape from him. She wasn’t going to be taken that easily. She wasn’t bound to let this man or any man control her life no matter how much she likes him. For that is why Willow is my favorite.

Now the three sisters are not human. They are succubi. They need a protector due to after turning 29 they will no longer need food to survive, nope they will need sex. Lots of it. This is why their dad has given them off to different men. Before the twins 29th birthday, the girls travel to London and due a spell. Only problem with that is a certain demon has risen from the rift (the place between hell and earth). The demon is after Chloe.

Some of Tyrian’s men get Chloe for him, while Willow backpacks across Europe in order to get away from the Alpha. We don’t get in touch with Lily till later in the book. She meets her soon be protector and is instantly in love or strong like with him. He not so much likes her. To me the sisters don’t act like 29 year olds. They act like they just turned 18, especially Lily. Willow does seem to act older but not by much. I wish we could have gotten more of her but luckily the next book is Willow and the Alpha’s book so that is the main reason I am reading the next one.

But before I read the next one I have a few other series to finish and a few other books that need to be cleaned off my kindle.


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