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Broken Aro by Jen Wylie

My edition: Kindle


Series: The Broken Ones #1

Rating: 4.5 stars

Review: When bad things happened and you finally opened your eyes it was always dark wasn’t it? Because other wise when you woke up you wouldn’t be scared, not right away, not until you remebered. Yet in darkness nothing else could be seen but the memories of what had happened, it didn’t matter if you opened your eyes or kept them squeezed closed.

Aro use to be a girl with long hair and seven brothers. Her mother passed away when she was young and her father died when she was 13. All her brothers are in the army for her country. One day their city is attacked. Her brothers make the quick decision to cut her hair and dress her up as a boy.

During the fight to try and flee the city Aro is smacked on the head. She awakes to find she is chained up and in a cell on a slaver ship. She is in a cell with six others, Bo, Cain, Kendric, Kei, Avery, and Prince. Together they devise a plan to escape. Once they have they are in for a long journey ahead.

I really liked the story. It was different from others that I have read before. I liked how it kept you guessing especially with Prince. Even though Aro is now only fifteen and lost everyone she has loved, she is trying to stay strong. I like the writing.

One thing I really like is that even though Aro is trying to stay strong she is still shown as a hormonal teenage girl who is still growing into her body. It’s pretty good for a YA fantasy. I do recommend. Even though some say this is YA fantasy romance there isn’t any romance in this book.