Book Reviews

Storm by Nina Levine

My edition:Kindle

Pages: 228

Series: Storm MC #1

Rating:2.5-3 star

Review: I got through this mostly because it was something to read on break. I thought at first I just read a HEA then I noticed that it was only at 50 something percent. So I thought okay what else is going on.

This book really didn’t appeal to me to much. The heroine acted like she didn’t know anything that happens that is club business is club business. I don’t really understand this because she grew up in the club and this shouldn’t be new to her but every time she acted like it was.

Her relationship with the hero, J, was a lot like younger love then what it should have been. I got the mature aspects but there was a lot of immature aspects as well. Mostly the heroine learned to keep her mouth shut but at times she didn’t. There were times she really just needed to sit J down and talk about everything instead of just shutting it out and dealing with it on her own. I get she was trying to be a strong woman but even the strongest has a shoulder to lean on every now and then. Whether it be mom,dad, brother, sister or significant other hell even a therapist there is always someone to talk , to support you in some shape or form.

I wasn’t to much of a fan of the writing. Again the story didn’t really pull me in and I was mostly a girl going through the motions of flipping a page and reading what was on it. Other than that not much stuck out to me. I think this one is close to being on the line of a coastal read and an autopilot read.

Now the end was little messed up. That was not cool at all. Okay it was bittersweet moment but still. Probably won’t read the second book.



The Alphabet Book Challenge 2016


Pretty simply really. I read books and add them to the alphabet. I hope to read a book title that starts with each letter in the alphabet. The main rule I have for myself is that no DNF books can be counted. Another rule is rereads do not count.