Book Reviews

Impossible By Komal Kant

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 254

Series: With Me #1

Rating: 3 stars

Review: Ashton and Luca use to be best friends until Luca’s dad past away. They drifted apart. Ashton moved on to be a cheerleader while Luca plays in a band. One day Ashton did something that is down right rude, horrible, complete disgrace to a human being and is soon cast as a outsider. Ashton comes up with a plan to get Luca to date her.

All I can say about Ashton is…


Seriously… She thinks that being popular is better than anything in the world. She would use anybody to get back on top. Luca just wants his friend back. Luca is was I liked about this story.

I will say that I did like it though. I mean after Ashton got her head out of her ass. She wasn’t as bad as the last heroine in the book I read but she was almost there. Thankfully it turned around or else I would have chucked my kindle at the wall. But that was when I had my hopes up and the very big high school bitch (We all know at least one of these. If not then you were that bitch.) had to play a little game. Thankfully this book has a HEA.

Anyone who loves YA and drama, drama, drama, this is for you.