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Domesticated by Jettie Woodruff

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 384

Series: Stand-alone

Rating:2 stars

Review: Stopping at 34%. Spoilers and a rant review ahead. The things I say in this review may or may not hurt your feelings but just so you know it is my opinion and I’m not sorry if you don’t like it. You have been warned.

When I read the blurb of this I thought this sounds like an interesting read. I am just starting to read Dark novels so I’m not too experienced with them. This one sounded good enough that I would give it a shot.

At the beginning of this book I seriously did not like the heroine. She was a girl who grew up in money and had a horrible step mother who use to be her nanny. With the kind of upbringing she had, a stepmother who hated her and her half younger sisters having control over her that should have taught her that she shouldn’t treat other people like the way she was treated right? Wrong. She is just a big hypocrite. She sits with all of the higher class women and acts the part but puts them down in her head. She hates having to hang out with them and doing charity events. (if you could call it charity. Reason I say that is they put money into their schools and help out their kind of people than actually helping out a real charity.) Not only does she not like hanging out with her “class” but she doesn’t like anyone she feels is beneath her (anyone who didn’t come from money or are “poor”). I really don’t like people like this. Ignorant and rude and think that they own the whole damn world because they are “privileged”. Hate to burst your bubble but you’ll end up in the same six foot hole that I’ll be buried in too.

The heroine could not stop thinking about sex. Her husband would only have sex with her once a week and she had to lay still. She couldn’t get excited like normal people do because then that would make her dirty. Yeah I know stupid. He couldn’t even say hard on, he called it a willy. She is also not allowed to see him naked. Her own husband and she has only seen him naked once and that was walking in on him getting out of the shower. Like what the hell?!

This chick is messed up, due to her stepmother being cruel and her husband being a non any fun or enjoyable sex kind of person while she is a nympho. I would be messed up too. But I would have stood up to them and gotten away when I had the first chance, not stay and be married to someone with no feelings and dream of having better. I mean she is with the guy for nine years and he doesn’t even bother to really get to know her.

For some reason the heroine thinks she has Paraphilias Disorder. She was never diagnosed and she thinks she has it due to reading a pamphlet. I think she is just horny and needs a man to give it to her just to shut her the hell up. To me there is nothing wrong with her but having a shitty childhood and a horribly boring marriage with a man who doesn’t even bother with satisfying her needs. He also puts her down for being like any normal kind of woman.

Then she decides while at her summer get away she is going to pay Sam who is her yacht driver to sleep with her. She wants him to dominate her and call her sewer rat which is what her stepmother and half sisters called her. Really? Really?

I saw a bunch of 4-5 star reviews on this but I guess I’m the odd one out. I wasn’t in the slightest bit entertained by this book. Man reason I’m stopping is that I’m getting pissed off just reading it. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I’m not going to let this ruin my day. I hate to DNF but right now that is the best thing for me to do. Maybe I will pick this up some day and read it again and see it a different way but for now I’m returning it back to Amazon to get another book.


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Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk

My edition: Kindle


Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1

Rating: 4

Review:Well this is one of those books that I want to say so much about but I can’t because it will give the plot, hell it would give the whole story away.

Aurora has an ability to seek out demons. While moving to a new town with her family, Aurora just wants to be normal and not deal with demons. Since she has lived in this town before when she was little, the Hex boys (as they are called) were her friends.  Now back with demons after her and the Hex Boys looking to protect her, she is in a world of trouble.

I loved this. The characters were funny and brilliant. Reminded me a lot of Ghost Bird Series by C.L. Stone only with demons and non abusive parents. Ayden and Blake are my favorites. They are super funny.

This has enough that will have me reading the second book. The humor had me going. At one part in the book about 60% ish something happened that made me laugh super hard. (Really happy that I read that at home and not on my breaks at work.) I had Y read it and he just looked at me like I was messed up in the head. He really has a horrible sense of humor. The comedy and action were amazing. I’m surprised I liked this as much as I did. Mostly due to me not being as much into YA as I once was. But I do recommend for a good laugh. Even though some have marked this in a romance category there isn’t much and it isn’t the annoying OTT type either. It’s the flirtatious funny and enjoyable kind.

So once again if you are looking for a funny read, I suggest this book. It’s on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.



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Mechanic by Alexa Riley

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 175

Series: Breeders #2


Review: The first book in this series Coach  was amazing. Totally love. Of course it’s my girl Alexa Riley. When I need my smut I go to her. So I saw this was on Kindle Unlimited and thought yep I’m reading it.

I liked the first one so much I was really wanting to read this one. Well after I read it I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t like how our two M.C.s first meeting went and the second time either. It was a little creepy if you ask me.

Now even though this one isn’t my top Alexa Riley book, it isn’t my least favorite either.  I wasn’t as disappointed as I was with Guarding his Obsession. That one is my least favorite but it’s okay because I still love me some Alexa. Moving on to the third book of this series.