Book Reviews

Unconditional Love by Kelly Elliot

My edition: Kindle


Series: Journey of Love #1

Rating: No rate. Stoping at 30%

Review: Guarda mi corazón.

I have read a book by this author before and I liked it. I looked up a couple of her other series she had and found this and decided to give it a go.

The prologue to this book was amazing and full of feeling. Once I started chapter one it started to go down hill. Yeah that early. Lark is at his best friend’s wedding. He keeps looking at Azurdee. The had met a year ago and felt a pull toward each other. The story kept going back and forth between the present and past. It was highly annoying.

In Wanted Gunner and Ellie were OTT but you got to see the love grow between them. In this book oh no not that. These two are already jumping in the sack at chapter three and have the insta-love feeling. They don’t tell each other what their true feeling are at first but the insta-love is there and I didn’t feel it.

There was no build up to their romance. (Hello that’s why I read these books!)

I was bored with their story. A typical virgin and player love story. Now don’t get me wrong I love that typical story but not this one. The MCs just weren’t believable to me. I wanted to smash my head against the wall just to help me get through this. Now I was feeling all of this by chapter nine. Not very far into the book.

I’m not DNFing I’m just putting off for a later date. Right now I have no drive to even continue with this story.




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