Book Reviews

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 401

Series: Sweet Home #1

Rating: 5 sweet kisses stars

Review: Hey Mol… Hey you… You gonna give up that lucky sweet kiss?… If that’s what you want…It most definitely is…

This is a reread for me. I fell in love with Romeo and Molly’s love story. I think this is my all time favorite book. (Aside from Harry Potter of course.)

Molly is a twenty year old British student who is helping her teacher, Professor Ross, in a research project at the University of Alabama, home to the Crimson Tide.


Romeo “Bullet” Prince is the starting QB for the Crimson Tide, a celebrity at Alabama and all around player. Until he sees Molly.


Molly meets Rome in her class that she is a TA for. When these two have another run in at Molly’s sorority’s initiation their worlds collide. Rome seems to want Molly. For the first time in his life Rome wants a relationship. Molly though is scared. Due to Rome’s reputation and his pissed off twenty-four/seven demeanor. But Rome get’s through to Molly. Molly realizes that she is done fighting and decides to let Rome in.

For never was a truer story of love conquering woe than of this Molly Juliet and her Romeo.

I love, love, love this story. Rome is my number 1 book boyfriend. He hasn’t moved since I first read this last year. I gave my brain what it wants and well I hit the feels.


Every time I read this book I fall in love, feel the heartbreak, stop reading and cry shamelessly in the fetal position, then I go back to reading, fall in love even more at the HEA. There is another book called Sweet Rome which tells the story through Rome’s eyes. I fall in love with Rome even more. Rome and Molly’s story will always have a place in my heart. It is also one of the very few books that I will reread.

You get me?