Book Reviews

Absolution by L.P. Lovell

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 237

Series: Stand alone

Rating: 3 stars

Review: ***Warning: May contain spoilers.***

Yep, that’s right we have a dark novel on hand. I freaking love the cover. It is what drew me in at first. I just needed to know what in the blue balls this book is about, having a girl covered in blood, praying. Then I read the blurb and thought, “Yeah, yeah I need to read this.” Why such a strong feeling you ask… well…

This isn’t BDSM or any of that prissy shit. There are no rules, no safe words. I do not want her willing submission. I want to drag it from her, screaming and crying. I want ultimate power over her, and while she’s here in this room with me, I want to own her, body and soul. -Ezra

If you don’t like dark novels definitely do not go near this one. Holy hell is what I call this.

She calls to my fucked up depravity, makes me want to possess her, to ruin her, because something about her tells me she can’t be broken. Or perhaps she’s already destroyed, damaged beyond reparation. After all, you can’t break what’s already broken. – Ezra

Evie feels like she needs to kill all male sinners. Due to how she grew up with her father she feels like her beauty is a sin. In order for her to be forgiven she needs to endure pain. (Pretty messed up. I told you. Dark)

Ezra runs a club and a few hookers out on the street. He needs to have total control. Evie makes him lose control.

He is quite deceiving, but then again, the deadliest things usually come in the prettiest of packages. -Evie

Evie starts to obsess with Ezra. She thinks he is her absolution. Let’s just say she is crazy in the head. Like coocoo for Jesus. Reason I say that is because she was raised to believe that sleeping with a man is a sin. That her beauty and herself is a sin. (Her dad was bonkers.) Her dad taught her that in order to be forgiven that pain is how to have your sins released. That is why she wants Ezra. She believes that he can make her feel so filthy and slutty but then turn around and give her penance due to beating her.

Am I enabling her crazy fucking shit? Of course I am, but sometimes creatures as depraved as we are must find each other in the darkness. -Ezra

I know, I know like I said coo coo. With this story, I like Ezra (Even though I shouldn’t) more than Evie. Evie was just annoying after awhile. We get it you think Ezra is a sin and that all men are sinners and you need to kill them all. Ezra is your salvation, blah, blah, blah. Get a bloody grip sweetheart, you are just like everyone else just with a freaked up mind. Yes Ezra is hot but he isn’t someone we should romanticized. Yeah he won’t force girls and all of the girls that work for him are there by their own free will but that doesn’t make him a hero.

Ezra is one of the most perfect antihero. He is the guy we should fear. He doesn’t want a sweet, caring relationship. No, he wants to break a girl and then move onto the next one. But he makes this story for me. I could deal without Evie, but Ezra, I loved his side.

Now the whole plot between Ezra and Zee is good. After Evie finds out who Zee is, she wants revenge against him. Why? He is a male and a sinner. Plus he killed her sister. Her sister was also like her. Hannah wanted Zee’s blood then she was going to go after Ezra. Evie takes it upon herself to finish Zee off in honor of her sister.

Like I said earlier Ezra makes this story. To me if this book would have just evolve around Evie, I would have DNF it. We would have just gotten a girl who had a shitty childhood and now thinks God wants her to rid the world of evil. Not just any evil, sinners. Not any sinners, men. How boring and Jesus freak would that be. No with Ezra, there is more to the plot. Now do I think Ezra and men like him should be romanticized? No. After reading this do I want to jump his book boyfriendish bones? No. I’d rather douse myself in bleach. What I am saying is that the reason I liked this book and that I finished reading it was due to Ezra.