Book Reviews

Stolen by the Alpha by Charlene Hartnady

My edition: Kindle

Series: Stolen by the Alpha

Rating:5 stars

Review: Because these are novellas I am just grouping them together. Unlike when I got the box set for Chosen by the Vampire Kings, I am getting these individual due to the fact they are on Kindle Unlimited. A fair warning read Chosen by the Vampire Kings first because this kind of ties into that story.

Book 1: Accidental Theft

Pages: 83

Stephany is taken by the wolves. The alpha Ward is not happy about it, but there is an attraction between the two. Stephany has been celibate for twenty years after she had accidentally mated Lance. Ward has awaken Stephany’s libido, no vampire has been able to do that since she was mated.

As the other books in the first series this does end with a cliffhanger. I loved Ward. He is all man. (I may have pictured JJ again. Couldn’t help it.) On to the next one!


Book 2: Deliberate Theft

Pages: 86

Well that was one hell of a heart break. I want to talk about this so bad but it will ruin everything and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. This was good. Another damn cliffhanger but one more final book then I will be done with this series.


Book 3: Determined Theft

Pages: 139

I hate that this is the end. It is to soon. I love, love Ward. He is such a sexy alpha. Ward and Stephany are just omgoodness. Way to adorable. I loved every step of the way they got to where they were. Nathan and Cat… two cute for words.

Now that ending…WTF man a cliffhanger into the next series just like the one at the end of Chosen by the Vampire Kings. Why do you do this to me? Well good thing it is out and on kindle unlimited.