Book Reviews

Undefeated by Scott Hildreth

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 295

Series: Fighter Erotica Romance #1

Rating: 3 stars

Review:***Warning: If you don’t like abusive assholes who makes the girl think it’s her fault for the beatings, DON’T READ THIS!***

Kace is dating Josh, who beats her. He has made her think that see deserved all those beatings that he has given her. She doesn’t want to leave him because in her eyes it would be a sign of failure that the relationship didn’t work. (Her words.)

Seriously it is already a failure of a relationship. ***Alert! We have a stupid heroine here***

Josh was Kace first. He is an asshole. Kace can’t have any social media or any guy friends. He looks through her phone whenever he wants to make sure. Josh is the kind of guy I despise. I hate guys who have to control a person. She has dealt with this for ten years. TEN YEARS!! What the hell?

I like an alpha male but I don’t like a controlling, abusive asshole.

Kace was a confusing character to me. She actually pissed me off. In the first P.O.V (the book doesn’t have chapters it just switches P.O.V.) she says she’s a strong woman who doesn’t need to be save. Well when her and Josh are having an agrument in a parking lot and she meets the Hero, Shane, all of the sudden she wants him to save her.


Well fast forward two years later. Shane goes in to pay his insurance and sees Kace again. He wonders what happened after the night he watched her leave with Josh. By the way, Shane is a weird guy. He always wears a black hoodie, in Austin Texas. Any who don’t want to give to much away, Shane and Kace start to talk in secret to avoid Josh from knowing.

Well one night Kace has had enough. She leaves Josh then she goes to Shane and she kisses him.


Yes, again with this face. You got out of a ten year abusive relationship and start kissing the hero not long after. Don’t make no sense. She wanted Josh to just love her, then she is with Shane and just wants Shane to love her.

I like that Shane explains to her that he doesn’t want to be her guy out of necessity because she was dependent on Josh for so long.

Now we get to see Ripp’s (Shane’s best friend) P.O.V. and he is hilarious. Just knowing the second book is about him makes me want to read it for that fact alone. I love Ripp’s character. I like that him and Shane don’t put up with abusive assholes and decide to take care of it. By the way Ripp is kind of a sick in the head guy. And I loved every word of him.

Now reading from Shane’s P.O.V. he seemed a little off to me. I can’t really explain it but he was just that weird hot loner kid everyone didn’t mess with at school. Yet he fought every day. And he needs to fight every day.

I would much rather be perceived as being great at a few things than be a failure at many. – Shane

I don’t know if I like the writing style. I’m on the edge with it. I couldn’t really connect with the heroine or the hero. It was like a coastal read for me. Not a zombie or on autopilot but not exactly fully involved with it either. The main reason I’m going to read the next one is because of Ripp. That dude is funny and I want more of him.