Book Reviews

Cara’s Twelve by Chantel Seabrook

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 335

Series: Stand-alone

Rating: 4 annul stars

Review: So call me weird that I don’t like love triangles (especially YA triangles) but I do like menage and reverse harem. I’m weird and I like it. Judge me or don’t but I’m not changing.


Cara has been told that she is going to now be Queen due to her cousin being unfit due to her illness (Being barren). Cara doesn’t like the idea at all. She doesn’t want to be queen but she has no choice. Twelve men from each provinces have come forward to swear their life to her, Cush, Finn, Helfrich, Reyn, Edmund, Theo, Arwel, Tahdaon, Hauk, Efy, Batch and Wesley.

Even though she has to chose one to rule beside her as king, the other eleven men will be beside her and they are to never take another woman. Kind of messed up. Those poor bastards have to stand beside the woman that rejected them as her king, but they will have to be there for her, and they can’t take another woman.

Helfrich raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Perhaps the lion can be tamed.”                                             She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “But can the man?”

Cara has to do moon rituals in each province to bind her and one of the twelve that is from that province. During these rituals Cara is starting to have visions. She thinks it is the effect of the wine and herbs she has to inhale or drink at these rituals. Well I’m right there with her. She was tripping major balls.

Everyone wants her as queen so she can change the ways of the older Queen Birkita. ***Major bitch alert.***

Fair warning there is a rape scene. It is hard to read as are all scenes like this but for me it brought me back to reading Outlander and when Jack Randall had raped Jamie. It gave me chills for a little bit.

Not even the wisest of us can make the right decision every time.

I love the quotes in this book. So insightful. If I could recommend reading this book on just quotes alone I would. But that really isn’t a reason to read a book. Though I do recommend because it is a wonderful fantasy romance. It does have a reverse harem so if that isn’t your thing then this book isn’t for you.

Peace often requires great sacrifice.

For fantasy this was great. I personally don’t think this is a YA book. Why it was tagged as a YA I don’t know. It seems to me it’s just a fantasy romance. I’m not saying that it’s to mature for young adults to read because it all depends on the persons maturity but I am saying that I don’t know if this should be in a school’s library.

P.S. I am TEAM TAHDAON all the way!!! Yes I want the rugged, tortured soul, man to win her heart and be king.



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