Book Reviews

Inhale, Exhale by Sarah M. Ross

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 241

Series: No, Stand-alone


Review: Another book in two different P.O.V.s. Damn I was just getting use to having one P.O.V. Jillian and Grant end up working at the same company. Jillian was wanting to spend the summer with her boyfriend of four years, Christian. Christian is mostly busy living with his mom and rocking out to his music. (Come on guy at least get a good job for during the day.) Grant wants to get his masters so he can get a job and out of southern Georgia. Their paths cross when Jillian is needing a password and computer set up and Grant being the IT had to set her up.

She was beautiful. Some girls were girl-next-door pretty, some model hot, some sex-kitten sexy. But to be beautiful, it took a combination of all three. This girl had it in spades. – Grant

Not going to lie but that line is so cheesy I kind of wanted to throw up.

While not Damon Salvatore or Eric Northman Hot, he was certainly attractive. -Jillian

The flirtatious dialogue between Jillian and Grant made me laugh. The certain way Grant would say something to make Jillian blush was adorable. As adorable as Grant is, wanting to work at Google and just nonstop working sounds incredible dull.

Jillian did want to resist Grant. She had to keep telling herself that she had a boyfriend. I do give props to that. I’m not a big fan that this is a triangle.

The heroine was kind of stupid but I kind of expected that. Christian was even a bigger douche-bag than I anticipated. Grant was still adorable.  It was a good story. Nothing to big but not a total waste of time.

I find the male cover model for this book not very there for me. He kind of looks like my cousin’s husband.



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