Book Reviews

Slow Burn by Nicole Christie

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 448

Series:It is a standalone.

Rating: 2.5

Review: ***Warning: Spoil Alert. Repeat: Spoil Alert***

The blurb made this seem like Juliet was alone and didn’t have very many friends. It does say she gets to know Johnny’s friends but they never ignored her from the start. They stayed being nice to her.

This was an okay story for being a YA book. After reading the last book (plus this being a YA) I expected myself to go into a book slump. I didn’t and managed to get through this pretty fast.

Dean I really didn’t much of a feel towards him. Juliet, well the only thing I can connect with her on is getting drunk and losing the V-card to someone who is the best friend to a cheating asshole of a boyfriend.

I really didn’t like the triangle between Juliet, Dean and Johnny. Hello, Johnny cheated on you and used a lame ass excuse for it too. Dean really likes you. Yet you are torn??? Oh come on. The writing was alright. I didn’t really connect with the characters. Johnny and Juliet’s relationship is OTT drama and Juliet likes it. WTF.

With a cover like this I was expecting NA theme with an R rating but nope it is a PG-13 YA. What really sucks is that there are extremely hot guys I kind of wanted to picture naked but nope not even that. Even though we do get a shower scene, there’s no detail. Juliet doesn’t look down. Hello we are human we are going to look down and see the size of the schlong and I wanted details dammit. Hell they don’t even have sex in that scene. Disappointment with me.

Hey don’t judge me. There’s a main reason I read books like well not like this one but like the others I read. Most people like to watch porn and MA movies/ tv shows. I like to read about it.

I just couldn’t buy into this. It wasn’t for me and I’m a little annoyed with the heroine to be truly honest.