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Planning on Forever by Ashley Wilcox

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 178

Series: Forever #1

Rating:3 stars

Review: Well first off this book ended up being totally different than I thought it was going to be. The ending was way different than I predicted.

So Collin cheats on Alexa at a party. He made out with another girl and backed off before it went any further. He decides he is not going to tell Alexa anything. Well at his graduation party one of his friends is really drunk and blurts it out.

Collin was so pissed at his buddy for blabbing. (Prick) He wished that Travis didn’t say anything and decided that he was going to let Alexa cool down then try and talk to her. At first I really really hated Collin. He didn’t want to take responsibity for his actions. He tried saying he didn’t technically cheat. (Yeah you did, prick.) But then further into the book he does take responisbility. (Took him long enough too.)

While Alexa is finally accepting the break up she meets Nolan. Nolan makes her go, Collin who? 

Another thing I didn’t like was how insta love everyone was with each other. It just didn’t help me connect to any of the characters. If maybe this was a little bit longer and had some more interacting with the characters then maybe it would have been a higher rating from me.

P.O.V.s are mostly from Alexa and Collin. There is one P.O.V. from each Summer and Nolan.





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