Book Reviews

Combust by Tessa Teevan

My edition: Kindle

Series: The Wellingtons #1

Rating: 2.5 ruby stars

Review: At the first half of the book I wanted to punch both M.C.s. They were so annoying. I’m actually surprised that I kept on reading this. The hero was a whinny little boy all because on the heroine. They both lose their virginity to each other, then the heroine leaves and avoids him. Hero doesn’t like that so he acts immature when he finally sees her again.

The story then goes forward three years later. Our hero and heroine decide they want a due over after being put together by a tutoring program.

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I think this was my face for most of the book. I was so bored. I didn’t connect with either of the M.C.s, I didn’t feel anything for either of them. The hero annoyed me the most. Eighteen year old Cohen (hero) acted like a little whinny boy who got his favorite toy taken away. Now twenty one year old Cohen wasn’t to bad. He matured and became a man but I still couldn’t get myself to like him.

Now eighteen year old Andi (heroine) was just as annoying as Cohen. Even her twenty one year old self was annoying. This was just not the story for me. I just couldn’t deal. I’m surprised I made it all the way through. I am one of the few people who just didn’t like this. Maybe it’s that book, you know, the wrong time kind of book. Maybe it was the wrong time for me to read this but I did and I just don’t like it.

I have another book by this author and I’m hoping it’s good. I hope that this book just was one that wasn’t for me.