Book Reviews

Kissed by Moonlight by Adrianne Brooks

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 273

Series: Wild Hunt #1

Rating: 0.5 star

Review: What brought my attention to this book was in the blurb. A book can have a nice cover but it is the blurb that gets us hooked. In this case the blurb said the heroine had pushed a car full of explosives off of a parking garage. Enough said!! I want to know what the hell was going on here. A car? Full of explosives?? Off a parking garage??? Why in the hell did she do that??? So that got me. Then I see that it is a free book off of Amazon for the kindle. Me being the broke person I am decided I’m going to get it. Plus I want to know why did she do it? I’m curious. But as we all know, curiosity killed the cat.

Well I found out by page three why she did what she did. The car was in her parking space. What the holy fudge!! I am barely starting and I’m already pissed off my the heroine. I about wanted to DNF right there but I didn’t. I pulled through.

Men like Evans don’t confide in girls like you. They help you find your panties the morning after and then call you a cab so they don’t have to talk to you over breakfast.


Okay so I tried to pull through. I couldn’t. It was so boring. I just couldn’t get into this book at all. I tried. I really did but the heroine was so boring. She was also very annoying. I just wanted to slam her face into a desk. I did DNF at 47%. Sorry to disappoint but I just didn’t have it in me to finish this one.



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