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More than This by Jay McLean

My edition: Kindle


Series: More Than #1

Rating: 4 big deal stars

Review:  I don’t remember when I added this to my bookshelf, or why. I do know that I got this free on Kindle Unlimited. (Love that little thing amazon did there.) So I got it and thought why not. After reading the blurb again I had doubts. Then I looked at my friends’ reviews and some of the people I follow reviews. None of them helped my doubt. Some liked the book while others didn’t. So I thought the only way to get rid of my doubt is to just read it.

Because it’s the Stone Age and I’m a caveman.– Jake

I actually kind of like this book. I’m glad I read it. The blurb made it sound like it was going to be really dramatic but it turned out it wasn’t all that much. Mikayla and Jake are super cute. I loved their relationship. It was a little insta love without them actually saying it to each other. It started out as caring and then grew into more like it should be but there was the mention of love a little early.

If you were still here today, I would tell you to never setle for anything less than the Jake Andrewses of the world. Because they exist-and not just in fairy tales. – Kayla

This book has me in the feels. I just wanted to sit and cry at times. I felt so bad for Kayla. She lost everything in one night but at the same time, even though she didn’t know it, she gained something as well. Now did it take her forever to realize it? Hell to the yes. I want to say too damn long but then there wouldn’t have been a story.



Book Reviews

Kissed by Moonlight by Adrianne Brooks

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 273

Series: Wild Hunt #1

Rating: 0.5 star

Review: What brought my attention to this book was in the blurb. A book can have a nice cover but it is the blurb that gets us hooked. In this case the blurb said the heroine had pushed a car full of explosives off of a parking garage. Enough said!! I want to know what the hell was going on here. A car? Full of explosives?? Off a parking garage??? Why in the hell did she do that??? So that got me. Then I see that it is a free book off of Amazon for the kindle. Me being the broke person I am decided I’m going to get it. Plus I want to know why did she do it? I’m curious. But as we all know, curiosity killed the cat.

Well I found out by page three why she did what she did. The car was in her parking space. What the holy fudge!! I am barely starting and I’m already pissed off my the heroine. I about wanted to DNF right there but I didn’t. I pulled through.

Men like Evans don’t confide in girls like you. They help you find your panties the morning after and then call you a cab so they don’t have to talk to you over breakfast.


Okay so I tried to pull through. I couldn’t. It was so boring. I just couldn’t get into this book at all. I tried. I really did but the heroine was so boring. She was also very annoying. I just wanted to slam her face into a desk. I did DNF at 47%. Sorry to disappoint but I just didn’t have it in me to finish this one.