Book Reviews

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 324

Series: Play by Play #1

Rating: 4 stars

Review: This beauty has been on my want to read for a little of a year now. Yes, I did kind of judge a book by it’s cover. But hey, look at the bottom of my review where I always put the cover. It is orgasmic.


Just wondering. Another reason is I have a huge spot for football (and hockey and baseball) romances. I’m a sucker and I don’t care. The main reason I haven’t read this before is because the book was like $15 for paperback and $9.99 for kindle. Finally it went down to $3.99 and I snatched it up faster than a stripper with a fifty dollar bill. (Yes I’m broke.)

Mick Riley… *drooling* is quarterback for the NFL’s San Francisco Sabers. Yes that is the teams name in the book. He meets Tara Lincoln at an event that she had planned for the team. He likes that she isn’t overdone with make-up and fake like most of the women that throw themselves on him or the women his agent sets him up with.

Granted, physical attraction is what gets you in the door. But there has to be something beyond that to want to keep you there. – Tara

I loved Burton made a heroine that knows football and other sports. Truthfully kind of getting tired of heroines not liking the sport or the hero at the beginning of the books and blah blah blah. Nope not this book. Tara knows her football. She also slept with him at the beginning of the book. (Yep happens that fast.) But she only wants the one night for some odd reason. Dun..Dun.. Dunnnnn

The chemistry between these two is smoking! The sex was just omg. That made me hot!!!  For this being an erotica I really don’t mind if there isn’t to much plot to it.(Or none.) I have pretty much figured out that most don’t have one so I don’t go in expecting one.

I still loved this. Mostly for Mick.

Mick Riley - the perfect play.jpg

Seriously he is so drool worthy. And the cover!!! I now know what it means to want to lick a man’s abs. I do. The sex scenes were amazeballs. The  chemistry was great and I did connect with the characters. Totally recommend for a nice steamy read.

Now I loved Mick’s family. I may have a certain liking for Mick’s brother Gavin as well as Mick. Jenna is just awesome. But when it comes to their agent Liz… can we say BITCH!! Seriously who, in the flying monkeys,  does she think she is?? You ain’t his match maker, you are his agent. Do that job not someone else’s job.

Tara…Tara… even though I liked that she knew sports and she was a strong woman who did a lot by herself since she was sixteen, man did she piss me off. She was so annoying. I get why Liz is a bitch. I do. She’s an agent who wants her clients big so she can have a lot of money. Tara on the other hand, can’t she just trust Mick and understand that not ever athlete out in the world is an asshole.

Now it did start getting a little boring once I hit the 70% mark but I wanted the HEA ending so I pushed through. Tara  still made me want to pull my hair out.

There were two times in the writing when Gavin and Mick were around instead of Mick’s name it was Gavin’s instead. Kind of threw me off but went back and reread and noticed it was an error. But damn did I fall for the Riley brothers.

Now I do know that the next book is Gavin’s story and it’s also Liz’s story. Yeah he is going to have a thing for her. Ick! But I’m still going to read it because it’s Gavin.