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Project: Killer by J. L. Beck

My edition: Kindle

Series: Project #1

Rating: 5 stars

Review: The writing was something to get used to. When it had glimpses of the past the words would be italicized and the present would be normal.

Maggie only loved on boy. Now seven years later she is working at PGI to find a cure for the cancer that took his life.

Killer has no idea who he is. He only has memories of a girl. He doesn’t know her name only knows her face. The only other things he knows is sex and killing. (I wonder if that is how he got his name?? Haha come on just a little bit of sarcasm.)

The other guys with Killer are wanting him to remember Maggie. So they decide to keep Maggie in order to get Killer sane.

I loved this. It was interesting. I was hooked. I like it. I love it! I WANT SOME MORE OF IT!!

But of course the book has to end on a mother freaking cliff hanger. Oh that’s not even the worst part. No! The second doesn’t come out till May!! MAY!!! It’s March. That is to damn long to wait.


Book Reviews

Here be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 267

Series: Deep in Your Veins #1

Rating: 4

Review: My being noticed by Sebastian was the equivalent of a homeless person being singled out by the Royal Family.- Sam

Omgoodness. This had me on the floor laughing the whole time. Okay maybe not on the floor, but I did laugh. A lot. I like Sam’s character. She was funny and sassy. I love it!!!

Jared… Loved him.

images (1)

I sadly have a weakness for egotistical assholes. Would I ever date one? No chance in hell. Would I fantasize about one? Yes chance in hell. Ii just like when a guy is cocky and knows he’s all that and a pot of coffee, but damn if he were to piss me off I’d knock him off his horse with his own damn ego stick.

What? Who? Oh you mean that cross between a whippet and a witch. Personally, I don’t know how he can shag something that looks like it’s just escaped from Azkaban.

I love the humor. Seriously, I was dying at work from wanting to laugh out loud but couldn’t. It was hard to read this at work.Good thing on break no one cares what your doing. (Unless you look like an idiot seal laughing with no sound coming out and a kindle/book in your lap. They will never understand.)


I swear that was my face. Plus the writing.


I was not once wanting to skim or needing to reread a bunch of pages just to make sense of something. I never was bored and the chemistry between Jared and Sam…


I’m in love and seriously, Jared with your stamina come visit me. Totally recommending to people who love humor and vampires and egotistical assholes. Like me.