Book Reviews

Thin Love by Eden Butler

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 446

Series: Thin Love #1

Rating: 4.5-5 Stars

Review: No woman could erase her completely and nothing would ever compare to the sight and feel of his Wildcat. 

Wow! I cried with this one. This book was an eye opener. Kona and Kiera had to do an English project together. Kiera doesn’t like Kona, sure she is attracted to him but she thinks he’s another meat head football player.

If you don’t like relationships in a book with anger and abuse this isn’t the book for you. Kona never hit Kiera but Kiera did hit Kona. Both have some serious anger issues. Also the story dips into steroid use and dealing steroids. Let’s just say it hits some issues that normally people don’t want to read about. Including biracial couples. Kona being of Hawaiian descant and Kiera being white. Both of their mothers don’t approve. Plus their mothers make it to my list once again we have evil bitches who would rather watch their child’s world burn than that child being happy. Can we please stop with these mothers?

No one ever loved me like you did; unconditional, unwavering. You never set limits. Not once.

The reason I gave this a high rating was because I cried. I had some serious emotion when they meet up sixteen years later. I found how this was told a lot like Forever Red. At first it shows present day then it jumps back to the past and goes through the relationship and everything that happened to get them to where they are in the present. Not going to lie really wanted to skip a lot of the past story and get to the present. I was impatient. I wanted to know what Kona was going to do.

I did like the story but damn were there some (okay a lot) of grammar mistakes or misspellings. There wasn’t a lot as in I’m going to go insane but a lot that the editor needs to be rereading this and double checking.

I am going to read the second book, Thick Love, which is about Kona and Kiera’s son Ransom. It will be his story.

P.S. I pictured Dwayne Johnson the whole time through this.



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