Book Reviews

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 342

Series: Off-Campus #1

Rating: 5 stars

Review: I add this to my list last year. I bought it along with many other books. It has been on my kindle for a long time. Well as the year progressed and then the new year was around the bend, I started to see more and more reviews of this book pop up. It’s been killing me because this was one of the books I’ve been dying to read but some other books had to come first for many reasons. Now I finally have sat down and read this. I am now over this mountain and all I have to say is wow.

If this was a movie, she’d be the young, ambitious teacher who shows up at the inner city school and inspires the fuck-ups and suddenly everyone’s putting down their AKs and picking up their pencils, and the end credits scroll up to announce how all the kids got into Harvard or some shit.- Hannah

Hannah is the one of the few who passed the midterm in her Philosophical ethics class. When Garrett Graham, hockey star at Briar, notices this he does pretty much anything to get Hannah to tutor him. Even dangling a date to help her score the attention of the guy she likes. She takes him up on that deal.

Clearly Hannah Wells hasn’t been around many athletes. We’re a stubborn lot, and the main thing we all have in common? We never, ever give up. -Garrett

What she doesn’t expect is them becoming friends and more. Garrett doesn’t expect it either. One being a music major not really into jocks while the other is a total man whore jock. (Big surprise there.) There is one thing that is standing in their way of happiness. Phil Graham! Can I say ASSHOLE!!! Yep that’s right. Garrett’s dad is what is in the way. Why?? Because Phil doesn’t want to Garrett to focus on anything but hockey, hockey and more hockey. To say he is a pretentious dick would be an understatement. Another classic parent only wants whats best for them than their child. I could go on and on about people like that and how they don’t deserve the right to have kids. But it’s even worse than that. He is one of the types of parents I loathe. People who know me know this is the #1 on my list of types of parents I want to smash their face in. (Wanna know what type?? Read the book and you’ll find out.)

I ate this book up fast. Seriously didn’t want to put it down. I did when the clock hit midnight then I woke up at 5:30 and decide hell I’m up and kept reading. (But damn it if I can’t say that Y pissed me off because he kept interrupting me while I read. Yeah now he’s not happy with me. Don’t care!! He broke #1 rule when I have a book/kindle in my hand.) I didn’t like how cliques that seemed so high school was in this. I didn’t expect that with college, but then again I avoided most people at college. I do love this book. Might even be put on the favorites list. Who knows? Why did I wait so long to read this? I now know what everyone is talking about when they say this is one of the best series ever. I love this!! (Yep said it again.) And you know what I am putting this on the favorites.

P.S. Can I have a man like Garrett Graham only in a baseball version?? Please!!! And can his name be Nolan Arenado.


Yep!! Him!!! For those who want to know I am a huge Rockies fan!! Why? They are the first team I saw play in a stadium in the third grade. I’m Colorado native. (no I’m not a Broncos fan.) I just love my Rockies. It’s home. I’ll probably say more about this subject another time though.

Back to my review: Garrett and Hannah deal with real life issues that actual people deal with and try not to out drama each other. Yeah there is drama but it’s realistic. And life has drama. We have to get use to it.

“Sex is all about trust, even if you don’t love the other person, even if it’s just a hookup, it still takes a serious amount of trust to open yourself up and let yourself go to that vulnerable place, you know.” -Garrett 

I can’t wait to read Logan’s story.