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Forever Red by Carina Adams

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 470

Series: Bama Boys #1

Rating: 4.75 -5 stars

Review: For me, there was no simplicity of burning bridges. No, I strapped dynamite to every single one, blowing them into tiny smithereens. Then, I bulldozed each surviving piece into a pile, doused it with kerosene, and aimed a blowtorch toward the debris, just to make sure there would be nothing left. – Cecelia

Part 1- Then

Cecelia was in her class when she first saw Nate. Cecelia wasn’t even really paying attention to the new kid. No, she was to busy staring at Mr. Matthews. She was close to getting him in bed due to a point system that her and her two best friends played. (Messed up I know.) But when Mr. Matthews asks Lia to show Nate (or as he goes by Neil) the started talking. Then Neil sat with her at lunch and they became friends. Slowly the feelings started to grow. (Not going to lie Cecelia was a major slut before Neil. Just throwing that out there.)

When senior year hits, the book takes a turn to depressing. 9/11!! That date that will forever be a scar on America’s beautiful land. A scar in history when things turn to the worst. Cecelia’s dad being in the navy doesn’t help her. She becomes worried. Everyone is in that state of shock that most of us lived through and know way to well. I will admit I was close to tears reading through this part. Not only is her dad fighting but their best friend Mike decided he would join and fight too.

Sometimes, seeing how big the world is makes the little things seem so much less important– Nate

Part 2- Now

Lia’s friends/ co-workers bought her tickets to go see Nate Kelly. What they don’t know is that Nate is really Neil. Well they really didn’t know about Neil either. When they have a run in with Nate at the meet and greet a little tension is an understatement. I want to say more but then I would ruin all of part 2. It wasn’t what I thought was going to happen but it was pretty good.

I wasn’t expecting it to go back to the past and explain as much as it did. I thought this book would be mostly Nate and Cecelia trying to figure out where they stand after all these years. I am glad that Adams went back and told their story. I did want to cry during the time when 9/11 hit. I was remembering everything that happened and remembering every thing that has been shared with me about that date. I really wanted to curl up and cry because I do have friends in the military and I don’t want them to go over just like anyone else, even though I am honored to have someone to fight for my freedom. (I’m rambling. So sorry.)

The reason this is gets a high rating for me was because I had a bunch of feelings during this. It is hard for me to feel a lot when it comes to a book but this one made me feels, hardcore.


I can’t wait to get the next book and get Mike’s story. Yes I’m sort of fan girling right now.



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