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Life’s Blood by Kailin Gow

My edition: Kindle


Series: Pulse #2

Rating: 4

Review: ***Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t read the first book Pulse.***

So this starts off pretty much where the first book left off. Kalina is taken to Octavius bedroom. He then sends in his mistress to check and see if Kalina is still a virgin. Octavius want Kalina as his own. He wants Kalina to love him. Kalina finds a way to escape along with Stuart, Jaeger, and Aaron.

Octavius wants Kalina for her blood which is known as Life’s Blood. If taken from the carrier with love as a virgin the vampire will turn human. If not given with love the vampire will turn powerful, immortal (meaning nothing can kill them. Just to clarify), and unspeakable evil. Their blood lust will increase. Octavius will stop at nothing to get Kalina back.

In the first book there was already two love interests, since Aaron was thought to be dead, Jaeger and Stuart. Now in this book Aaron is found out to not be dead and then Octavius kisses Kalina and for some reason she doesn’t stop it even though she knows that she shouldn’t be kissing him. When she does she feels something for Octavius. I guess vampires just have so kind of magic lips because damn this girl falls fast and for many guys. Not judging. I would too, well probably. Any who Octavius also sees Drusila who was his human to be wife or wife (can’t remember.) in Kalina.

Of course I read another book with another damn cliffhanger. Ugh!!! Can I get one book without a bloody cliffhanger???