Book Reviews

The Barrier Between by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 416

Series: Collector #2

Rating: 4.5

Review: This leaves off where the first one ends. Ryker and Zoey along with their sprite monkey Sprig are now in Peru. They are trying to find a shaman who will help return Ryker’s powers back to him.

In this book Zoey and Ryker are getting closer to each other. The attraction is building. But something happens. (Of course it does. It always does.) The relationship Zoey and Ryker have between them is strained. With this Ryker’s powers are becoming more and more adapt to Zoey. If they do become fully adapt there is only one way to get them back. Ryker hates that idea but Zoey has him promise to her that he will do it.

This one had my stomach in knots. Sprig is even funnier in this one. Don’t know how but he is. He has to be my favorite supporting character. I want him. My own little sprite monkey. I even laughed so hard at one of his parts, I woke up Y who wasn’t too happy. (He got over it) I could not sleep until I finished this bad boy. Now I  wish I had money to buy the third book because I need to know. What happened to my little monkey???? Damn cliffhangers!!!



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