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Danger! Bad Boy by April Brookshire

My edition: Kindle

Series: Beware of Bad Boy #2

Rating: 3.5

Review: Warning: there is a scene which involves rape.

Another warning there will be spoilers!

I want people to know that this story even in the first book shows what happens when a guy who is obsessed will do. It is scary and it is heart breaking. If you can’t hand anything like that then this series really isn’t for you.

This one was another roller coaster for me. Caleb and Gianna have very strong feelings for each other and of course there is Gianna’s mother. For a mother who puts there own desires of what their children should do before that child’s happiness needs to never have kids. I so wanted to beat Julie in the face. She has to be one of the worst parents ever.

Caleb only wants to keep Gianna close even if that means breaking her heart. This is where I really wanted to club Julie. The guy she thinks is bad for her daughter is the one who is actually good for her daughter. The guy who she thinks is best for her daughter decide to hit her and rape her. Seriously if that isn’t eye opening then nothing is. Luckily Gianna doesn’t have to deal with her mother for very much longer. Not if Caleb has anything to say about it.

My heart broke when I read that scene. Then having to read how Caleb felt. He felt as if he failed to protect her from him. That really broke my heart. Another one that makes me want money so I can buy the next book.



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